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These are complaints posted on the internet by former patients of George W. Commons, MD. Commons and his lawyer are trying to prevent the public from hearing the truth about him. They lie to other websites, telling them that there is a court order preventing me from posting this. This is a LIE! I hope pissedconsumer will not be intimidated.

"I have owned a business in Burlingame, Calif for a number of years. One of my friends who also has a boutique had a face lift from Dr. Commons in 1997 or 98. It was absolutely shocking to see the difference in her, not an appreciable one to say the least. She complained of serious itching as I recall and when she confronted him or his staff about the problem, they said it was natural to expect some minor irritation and it would soon "go away". It lasted for 5 years. Her appearance was extreme . She was terribly disappointed with the results. She said she thought because he was so busy with so many patients, (according to his staff) that he must be good. She regrets this poor analogy now."

"No, cannot possibly refer friends and loved ones to this doctor. Had a facelift that was not done well and not done in the way he described to me. Positive effects did not last while negative effects are permanent. I am terribly disappointed after hearing very good things about his work. I suspect this doctor has been relying heavily on his reputation from voluminous liposuction studies from many years ago. He could not offer any explanation for why my surgery did not turn out so well. Maybe it is time to retire?"

"Had a consult for liposurgery with this Doctor but did not select him for the surgery. Seemed well loved by his efficient office staff and there was a nice energetic and friendly ambiance about the place but the consult itself did not go well. This is just my honest impression. While the office made me feel very comfortable, when I met with the Doctor himself, I could not imagine him doing surgery on my body. I did not feel that I could trust him to do a quality job. Here's why. He seemed very hurried, disorganized, forgetful and clumsy. He had more than ample photos demonstrating the volume and variety of cases he has done and has obviously had a great deal of experience but he got confused and could not stay on track with the questions I asked and seemed fuzzy and disorientated throughout the entire conversation. He had trouble finding things and explaining things to me. His manner and behavior definitely did not instill the confidence I needed."

"Dr. George Commons did a terrible job on my liposuction. It was just like the person said in the first posting here at the bottom - he worked on parts that he wasn't supposed to, and he didn't work on parts he was supposed to do. I don't know how he can still be allowed to operate when he does things like this to people. Definitely not recommended!"

"I just don't know how to say this, but I think Dr Commons should retire. He needs to cut down on his operations or a take more time evaluating what needs to done to correct the problem. I don't want to sound like I whining but in my case the surgery was botched. I just thought I should let those who are considering Dr Commons know you may not be that happy with the results."

"He did my eyes and they turned out uneven. He wasn't very helpful and tried to minimize the fact that it wasn't symmetrical. I would not go back to him. "

Review about: Dr George Commons Doctor.


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Concord, California, United States #852646

Valerie swan post malicious falsified lies about any company she deals with, reputable people & large/small businesses.I am currently under attack by her smear campaigs.

Several court cases against her in San Mateo & surrounding counties, including criminal & civil cases for over 10 years, some current & pending.If any needs information to assist in their civil cases or prosecution against her please contact me.

to kk***fidential #859004

Beware of Jeff Kaplan, K&K confidential.He is a dishonest man who rips off his clients, then when they warn others about him, he retaliates with a smear campaign, posting false and slanderous things, like the above.

Absolutely disgusting.


Google "Dr. George Commons Butchered My Friend"


Google "Dr.George W.

Commons Judge Leslie C.

Nichols" and look up the post on ripoffreport dot com.You will see a photo of the damage Commons did to her calves.


George Commons has a malpractice judgement against him - you can look it up on the CA Medical Board website.I spoke to the woman who won in court against him.

He disfigured her face, neck & chest for life by screwing up on the procedure he did. In my opinion, he is one of the worst doctors in the country. And most if not all of the positive reviews of him are fake!

His wife posts fake positive reviews all over the internet.One time she even referred to him as George, forgetting that she was posing as a patient.


I have had Dr.Commons do a variety of things to my eyes and face.

I think he is extremely professional and very good at what he does.

He's at the top of his game.I have nothing but the highest regard for him.


Tell me how to post pictures here and I will show you what that *** did to me.


Post #8 was written by a scary man named Payman Simoni. He is a pathological liar who behaves like a sociopath. He threatens patients who give him negative reviews, and he then smears them all over the internet.

Folsom, Louisiana, United States #243605

I was butchered by Commons and I know of others as well.Just because he doesn't butcher everyone doesn't mean he doesn't butcher some people.

If someone is on trial for murder or rape, if he has a witness who says, "Well I know him, and he didn't murder or rape me", would that be evidence that he didn't murder or rape anyone?You are a fool.


Shocked by the lies from Valerie. I have had only great experiences with Dr Commons work. He has a fine eye for detail and always explains the process of the surgery to make sure we are both on the same page. I have to say his work is some of the best I've seen, and I'm very critical when it come to cosmetic surgery.

I have a feeling that this complaint is to slander a good doctors work for some financial gain on the complainers part. I would like to see some pictures of the complaint as well. My guess is you're looking for something to get from this type of post.

Get a life! What goes around comes around, I sure you know that.

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