Dr. George Commons of Palo Alto, CA caused so much damage to my friend that 11 years later she is still dealing with the fallout. She just had her 28th surgery to try to fix his numerous mistakes, and she still needs more.

. He operated on more than a dozen of the wrong parts

. He operated on the wrong leg

. He operated on both her knees without reason or consent,

causing her kneecaps to dislocate painfully

. He operated on both calves without reason or consent,

causing large concave areas that had to be filled in

with artificial fillers

. He carved large X's into her hips without reason or


. He operated on her pubic area without reason or


. He lied about all of the above, telling her she just

had to wait a year and all would be fine. Not coinci-

dentally, a year is the statute of limitations in CA

for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit

. Commons sued my friend and her teenage daughter for

defamation, because they told the truth about what he

did to her

. He conspired with his friend, a superior court judge,

to fix the malpractice trial against him. The judge

got her lawyer to agree to no jury, no witnesses, no

testimony, all behind her back, so that the judge could

rule in favor of his buddy, in spite of all the evidence

against him proving BATTERY - operating on parts without


. The judge ruled against my friend, ordering her to pay

Commons' attorney's fees, and she had to go through

bankruptcy. She lost her business she was so depressed

and she and her daughter were evicted from 2 apartments

because she couldn't pay the rent

. My friend has spent the last 11 years working 7 days a

week, including Christmas, to pay for the 28 surgeries

she has needed to try to fix Commons' mistakes. She

still has pain in her knees. The artificial fillers in

her calves has hardened, so she needs to go to Europe to

have it cut out, and a new artificial filler, not

available in the US, needs to be put in. This alone will

cost about $15,000. She had beautiful, perfect calves


Dr. George Commons is a monster. He is a pathological liar, he takes no responsibility for his butchery. Instead of compensating his victim, he sues her, as if

she was the one who injured him. He knows how she has

suffered all these years because of him, yet he illegally

avoids the consequences. This is the moral equivalent of

a hit and run driver. All of this behavior is consistent

with that of a sociopath.

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Commons has a malpractice judgement against him for damaging a woman's face & neck. You can see it on the CA Medical Board website. He is a monster and should have lost his license years ago.


To anyone who doesn't believe the things said here, if anything

were not true, the author would be sued for libel. Doctors even sue when the posts ARE true, trying to intimidate and get the posts taken down.

But Commons will never sue for this, because then he would have to answer for his crimes under oath.


I know of someone else who was damaged by this same doctor. He

botched her breast implant surgery. She went to another doctor in SF to fix it, and he was shocked at what Commons did to her.

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