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A friend of mine went to Dr. George Commons nearly a decade ago and is still reeling from the damage done to her by this absolute disgrace to medicine. Dr. Commons turned a routine procedure into an absolute nightmare. He operated on about 20 wrong areas of her body and cost her over $200,000 worth of corrective surgery and attorney fees due to the aftermath of his horrible surgical work. This Palo Alto plastic surgeon shouldn't be allowed to hurt any more people he pretends to want to help.

I know my friend is not the only victim of this licensed butcher, but he has money to burn, so he throws enough of it at lawyers to cover up his worst mistakes. Any other doctor who had his record of ruining innocent lives with poor procedures would no longer be allowed to practice medicine anymore. My friend's endured dozens of corrective surgeries she's had to pay for out of pocket, and the doctors who are fixing his shoddy work are always amazed at how incompetent his work was.

Judge Leslie C. Nichols fixed the trial for his friend George that would have and should have resulted in some relief for my friend. There is nothing more dangerous than a doctor who is above the law and immune to the civil channels of relief friends like mine rely on as victims. Medical malpractice trials are difficult to prosecute as it is without judicial corruption and doctors like Commons escaping culpability because of biased rulings.

Commons operated on my friend's knees for no reason, without her consent. There was nothing wrong with her knees at all, and he did such incredible damage that she now experiences constant pain. Her suffering is brutal to witness, and because of this absolutely unfounded and unauthorized surgery her kneecaps frequently get dislocated. She also had large X marks carved into her hips. Other doctors have no clue why Dr. Commons or any other surgeon would engage in these procedures and do such severe harm. Commons essentially amputated part of her calves, and she has had to go to other countries to get artificial injectable implants to fill in the large concave areas. Her calves were perfect and beautiful, and they should not have been touched

Judge Nichols made things much worse for my friend by turning a blind eye on the evidence presented in the case. This judge was obligated to consider all the records showing all the wrong operations done on my friend. He saw pictures of the awful injuries my friend sustained, injuries the opposing counsel never disputed by presenting any evidence of their own. Even the statement written for the court by Dr. Commons shouldn't have been enough to sway any judge to rule against my friend. "I didn't think I did anything wrong," was all the doctor said to defend himself of the charges. Apparently the opinion of a friend means more to Judge Nichols than the pain and suffering of a victim.

Judge Nichols treated my friend like she was the defendant in the case and forced her to pay all of his friend's legal fees. His corruption was unconscionable and left my friend victimized once more by the very justice system that was supposed to protect her. He even went as far as requiring my friend to remain quiet about her ordeal and prevented her from warning others about the worst Dr. Commons could do. More of his victims will suffer now even after trying to check out his background online like many potential patients do before surgery. The First Amendment simply doesn't exist in this judge's corrupt courtroom. He simply swept the whole problem under the rug to protect his pal and left my friend's life in shambles as a result, her constant suffering magnified by the fact that seeking justice proved so futile. Judge Nichols made sure to rig the entire trial, corrupting her own lawyer to work against her in the process. No witnesses were allowed to testify, no jury was allowed to hear the case, and my friend got no opportunity to have a fair hearing on her grievances.

My friend's had to shed so many tears and endure so many days filled with tremendous pain shooting through her body because of this awful experience. The doctor's used his money and connections to erase the truth about what happened. He's made my friend's mental pain just as bad as the physical ailments she suffers because of his butchery. The fact that Dr. Commons actually teaches future patients at Stanford only makes things worse. This is not an example any young surgeon should be following or looking up to. This man is absolute *** who should not be able to ruin any more lives like he was able to ruin my friend's life.

I have known my friend nearly all her life. She was a strong, happy, and dedicated young lady before Dr. Commons came into her life. His crude cuts transformed her into a physical and emotional wreck.. Her strength has been sapped by his relentless attempts to keep her quiet at any cost, and his actions to corrupt the judicial system victimize her more with each passing day:. She must wake up every day to confront the fact that this man cannot be held responsible in a court of law for what he did to do so much injury to such an innocent person,. Seeing what she goes through in being forced to endure this ordeal makes me convinced that the only way to bring this man to justice is to let him be tried in the court of public opinion.. Please help spread the word about Dr. Commons and Judge Nichols and their egregious abuses.. Please do not let what happened to my friend happen to any future victims who might be fooled by Dr. Commons' fabricated and whitewashed "clean" record as a surgeon and Judge Nichols' biased and corrupt judicial practices..

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but the media is controlled by the medical/industrial complex and they won't do stories like this about board certified doctors who screw up. They want the public to have blind faith in doctors so people will take the drugs they prescribe without question.

The only stories you will see are about doctors without a license or doctors from 3rd world countries who operate on Americans and damage them. What you and others can do is to contact Commons by email or phone, tell him your outrage at his conduct, and urge him to at least pay for the surgery she needs to fix his mistakes. She has been working 7 days a week without a break for 10 years, and she is exhausted.

His phone is (650)328-4570 and his email is Thank you for your help!


Call your local news station and tell them what happend..

You might be able to get it on the air!

My sister did this.


ordered her not to talk about what the *** did to her, UNDER THREAT OF JAIL TIME. Totally

illegal, unconstitutional, but this is how these guys operate.


Why couldn't your "supposed" friend post the complaint themselves?

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